About Me

Hi, I am Caitlin Gutta.


As a senior at West Virginia University studying Marketing and Advertising, I graduate in May of 2018.

As graduation grows near, I am looking for fresh and exciting opportunities to pursue. Although school has been a great resource for learning, saying that I am eager and ready to extend my knowledge through hands on experience outside of the classroom would be an understatement.

With amazing past experiences, such as traveling to Europe to places like London, Paris, and Rome, I have come to the conclusion that ‘there is no place like home.’

As I search for new opportunities, I’ve narrowed down my search based on location. Being very family oriented, I plan to stay in the state of West Virginia when looking for work, but am not against travel.

As I have gained work experience in the past, I made a point of getting to know every aspect of a business. I like knowing how each section runs. Because of this, I like trying my hand at every task and won’t back down from a challenge.

Having a great interest in Real Estate Sales, getting my real estate license is a future goal of mine. I hope to obtain my license prior to my graduation date and hang my license at a local real estate firm come summer 2018.

In my previous work experiences, I have filled positions in hospitality, guest services, food and beverage sales, and marketing. With each I have acquired the skills needed to communication efficiently and effectively with co-workers, management, and clients.

As I continue to gain more experience,  I will always bring my transferable skills to every position. I take extreme pride in taking care of the wants and needs of clients as well as the internal work environment.

If you are looking to hire a fresh graduate from West Virginia University, who is ready and willing to learn how to be an asset to your business, please contact me.

Please feel free to visit my personal website for more information on my past work experiences and education.

Let’s Go, Mountaineers!


WVU beats Baylor.


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